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Plan, forecast and deliver smarter. We help you get the most from your projects and people.

Managing people

Schedule teams and resources

Capacity planning and forecasting

Team and resource utilization

Delivering projects

Project, resource and sprint planning

Views across all your teams and work

See schedule changes in real time

Optimize portfolios

Multi project planning

All work in one place

Prioritize and select projects

Plan projects, sprints and resources

Resource planning
Resource Planning Software

Get the right people onto the right projects

Capacity planning and resource forecasting

Capacity planning software
Agile resource planning

Agile resource planning

Portfolio planning and management

Approve projects

Bringing more ideas to life everyday

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Days Scheduled
Utilization reporting

View workloads and team availability

Get control of your project and work pipeline

Project Prioritization

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The data you need to make decisions

Portfolio and resource dashboard

What if and scenario analysis

Scenario and what if analysis

Connect to your existing software and apps

Seamlessly integrate all of your favorite tools and apps with Kelloo so you have all your work in one place.

Here are some of the places you can import data into Kelloo from or connect to.

Import from Trello
Import from Jira
Pivotal Tracker Import
import from workfront
import from hydra
import from smartsheet
import from planview
import from ms project
Import from Clarizen
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There's a lot you can do with Kelloo

Resource planning for any type of project.

Forecast resource needs based on the projects you want to do.

Simplify the planning and management of your resources.

Select, prioritize and manage your projects.

Scale your agile process with agile resource planning software.

Schedule resources and teams across all your projects.

Visibility into what skills are in demand and resource hiring needs.

Align projects with priorities and resource capacity.

Manage your resource allocation process across your projects and portfolio.

Balance resource demands with resource capacities.

Collect and prioritize ideas based on resource availability.

About Kelloo

We help organizations make best use of their most valuable asset – their people.

We live in a world in which things never stand still. New projects pop up, priorities change and people come and go. And making sense of this can seem near impossible.

Kelloo helps you cut through the noise and make the right decisions about your projects and resources. Our software is easy to use, simple to master and will bring a smile to your face.

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