Portfolio and resource management made simple

With Kelloo you can prioritize and select your projects, get your resources working on the right things and keep tabs on your resource capacity, projects and portfolio - all in one place.

Portfolio management

Prioritize, select and approve projects 

Prioritize, select and plan the optimum mix of projects and ensure your teams are working on the right things. Use scenarios to evaluate different portfolio options.

Portfolio resource management

Resource planning

Get the right people onto the right projects

Plan, manage and track your resources across your whole portfolio. Know what your resources are working on, keep tabs on resource utilization and spot resources in trouble.

Resource planning software

Resource capacity planning

Balance resource supply against resource demand

Compare resource demand to resource supply and use capacity planning to work out how to deal with resource shortages. Scenario planning helps you understand the impact of new work on your projects and resources.

Resource capacity planning software

Resource management

Forecast resource needs, manage utilization and streamline resource allocation

Accurate resource forecasts and utilization reporting are a click away. Keep tabs on which resources are running hot and are most in demand.

Utilization reporting

Agile and non-agile work

Support agile planning and agile at scale initiatives

Kelloo closes the gap between agile at the team level and portfolio management and resource planning at the portfolio level. However you choose to plan – keep all your work in one place and track, visualize and optimize work across your portfolio.

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Organizations work better when they plan in Kelloo

Any organization that manages portfolios, projects and resources will improve their resource planning, resource capacity planning and portfolio management using Kelloo. Software development shops, professional service organizations, engineering, marketing, consultancies, big organizations and small organization all use Kelloo.

Kelloo supports planning for agile and non-agile teams, agile at scale and lean portfolio management (lean PPM).

Portfolio management (PPM) and resource management software

Resource management and portfolio management are a struggle when things are spread across spreadsheets, emails and meetings. The upshot is no clear way to figure out if you are working on the right projects, what resources you need and when. Projects slip and people get frustrated due to lack of clarity and difficulty making the right decisions.

Without Kelloo: resources are poorly utilized, it’s tough to see where things stand and informed decisions are hard to make. With Kelloo: Everything’s organized and in one place, you’re on top of things and things get done.

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