About Kelloo

The story of how we got here.

Kelloo was formed from the heady brew of seasoned PPM professionals, PMO experts and crack software developers. Having spent many years managing portfolios, capacity plans and resource plans in spreadsheets, we just knew there had to be an easier way. We looked and looked but couldn’t find any software that would solve the problems we had. So we built it.

Say no to spreadsheets and complicated software

Before Kelloo there were two dominant approaches to resource planning. Either organizations would construct overly complex and difficult to use spreadsheets or resort to project planning tools like Microsoft Project. Neither approach really worked for resource planning and what you ended up with was either clunky, frustrating to use or provided near useless results. 

The portfolio planning and management space was dominated by overly complicated traditional PPM solutions. Which proved too difficult to use and counted implementation time frames in years. With the growth of agile development techniques, organizations needed planning and management tools that could keep pace with the speed of agile and scale it across the organization.

Where are we now

Skip forward to today. Resource planning and portfolio management is more important than ever before. Teams are distributed, development cycles compressed and agile becoming dominant. Effective planning is essential – failure to get it right can, at the worst break an organization at best cause massive levels or frustration.

But hit the sweet spot and you can develop realistic, achievable plans that ensure you fully understand your resource needs going forward. Kelloo is now trusted by organizations around the world who need an easy to use and flexible portfolio management and resource management solution.

Which is exactly what Kelloo gives you.


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