Agile resource planning

Take your agile to the next level

Kelloo is resource planning software that helps organizations make sense of their resource management in an agile environment. 

Agile planner

Scale your agile resource planning

Kelloo closes the gap between agile at the team level and resource planning at the portfolio level.

Agile or non-agile and any type of project

With Kelloo, it does not matter if you use Scrum, Kanban or traditional waterfall planning methods. You will have one place where you can see the bigger picture and keep tabs on things.

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Visual road-map

With Kelloo you get a visual timeline showing when all your projects, initiatives and work are happening.

See if your plans are on track

Timeline lets you spot work in trouble, check on inter-dependencies and manage constraints.

Agile resource planning software

Manage the capacity of your team

Check on the capacity of your teams to deliver on the features and work scoped over a period of time.

Plan the future in an agile world

Forecast resource needs across all your projects and initiatives and use what if modelling to understand how to solve resource issues.

Agile capacity

Inform stakeholders about capacity to deliver features

With everything in one place, stakeholders can get clear visibility of your team’s capabilities to deliver on work.

Create different scenarios in a sandbox

Try out different approaches to your roadmap or resources to help you make decisions without affecting your current live plans.
Manage scenarios

Align your work with organizational goals

Kelloo closes the gap between agile and portfolio management. Align your work with organizational priorities and Kelloo will show you what work you can achieve and what changes you need to make to fit things in.

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