Agile resource planning

Kelloo combines the flexibility of agile with the visibility and benefits of lean portfolio management.

Visualize your roadmap, organize your sprints and plan within the capacity of your teams. Kelloo closes the gap between agile teams and portfolio planning.

Agile resource planning


Get visibility across your resources, agile teams, projects and portfolio.

See which resources are running hot, what skills are in demand and when work can fit it.

Sprint and resource visibility

Sprint planning

Estimate the size of your sprints using points or days and Kelloo will show you when work can happen given your resource availability and team velocity.

Adjust your plans and instantly see the impact on your resources and other projects.

Edit sprint

Layout your roadmap

Develop and visualize your sprint roadmap taking account of resource availability and constraints.

Red warnings show you projects with resource capacity issues.

Sprint roadmap

Manage the capacity of your team

Capacity planning

Understand what work you can achieve given your team’s capacity and their velocity. 

Model changes to resource levels to understand the impact on your team’s velocity and project timelines.

Capacity adjustments


Test out different approaches to your roadmap, sprints and resources to help you make informed decisions. 

Scenarios let you perform what if analysis to test out competing options.

Scenario selector

Scale agile across the portfolio


Short term plans and longer term forecasts give you visibility into your resource needs.


All your work in one place

Agile teams often work alongside non-agile teams.

With Kelloo you can build you resource and portfolio plans whatever way you work.

Plan agile and non-agile work

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