Agile resource planning

Plan your sprints, projects and resources. Check team capacity and manage utilization across projects.

Kelloo closes the gap between agile at the team level and resource planning and management at the portfolio level.

Agile Resource Planning

Agile resource planning

Your team’s availability and commitments in one place.

Agile resource planning software

Agile sprint planning

Estimate work and Kelloo will show you when work can happen given your resource availability.

plan in days points or fte

Agile resource capacity planning

Understand what work you can achieve with your team’s resource capacity.

Adjust resource capacity

See what is happening when

The roadmap gives you a high level view of your projects, resources and key dates.

Agile Roadmap

Import data from your existing tools

Get your data into Kelloo and have all your work in one place. Use Kelloo for portfolio and resource planning and the agile tools you love for running your agile developments. Here are just some of the tools you can import from…

Import from Jira
Pivotal Tracker Import
Import from Trello

Manage your product backlog

Store and prioritize all the work requests and projects your teams need to work on.

Product backlog

Evaluate options using scenarios

Test out different approaches to your plans, sprints and resources to help you make informed decisions.

Manage scenarios

Create agile resource planning reports

Kelloo includes a powerful and easy to use report builder so you can create and share reports and analysis.

Report builder

More agile resource planning software features to explore

Use filters to focus on what is important.

Zero in on resources and projects in trouble.

Keep tabs on utilization by month and week.

Export your data for analysis.

Import your data from your other tools.

Keep track of your forecast costs.

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