Announcing cross functional teams: A new way to manage your agile teams in Kelloo.

cross functional team

It is only a few weeks since we shipped our last release of Kelloo and already another great feature has been released.

The latest release of Kelloo makes it even easier to resource plan and capacity plan your cross functional and agile teams. Up until now modelling these team types was a little tricky.

What are cross functional teams and agile teams?

Agile and cross functional teams are teams of people that have the complete mix of skills necessary to complete the task or projects they are assigned.

Cross functional team example

Say you have a team responsible for your organizations web site.

This team could contain the people who build the website, some marketing people who create the content and a team of engineers who keep it running.

It contains all the folks with different skills who are responsible for keeping the website up and running and updated.

Agile team example

An agile team is like a cross functional team but typically focused on delivery of a software product.

The agile team has everyone necessary to produce a working, tested increment of product. So it may consist of some software developers, some testers and user interface experts.

Creating agile and cross functional teams in Kelloo

When creating resources in Kelloo, you have the choice of creating cross functional teams alongside traditional / functional teams and named resources.

In the resource pool example below in Kelloo, we have a cross functional team called Mobile Product Team, a functional team called Development Team consisting of people with a skill of developer and a named resource Sarah Jones who is also a developer.

cross functional team

Using agile and cross functional teams in Kelloo

Agile and cross functional teams are then available for resource planning direct in the planner alongside other resource types.

cross functional team allocate work

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