Agile development

More and more organizations are adopting agile development techniques. However, a big challenge they face is getting agile to work with portfolio management and resource planning. This means keeping the flexibility and benefits of agile while embracing the wider needs of the organization to organize and plan their projects and resource needs over the medium term. 

A further challenge is scaling agile across the wider organization. Most agile tools focus on the day to day management and organization of the agile work. However agile development teams are just one part of a larger moving part.

The new agile resource planning features in Kelloo mean you can get a holistic view of where your resources and projects are at - however you plan and organize your projects.

This is why we are exited to announce the latest release of Kelloo now includes support for agile resource planning. Let us take a look at how it works.

Agile sprint planning

Start by adding your sprints to the Kelloo resource plan and enter work estimates in story points and days. 

Using the work estimate and your team’s velocity Kelloo will work out if you have the capacity within your team to do the work when you want to do it.

Edit sprint

Spot projects, sprints and agile teams with resource capacity issues

Kelloo will show you which projects and sprints have a shortfall of resources. 

In the example below, the red numbers below the sprint bars means the work in the sprint exceeds the capacity of the agile team.

Agile resource planning software

The resource panel at the bottom of the resource plan lets you deep dive into resource utilization and resource capacity and see which teams, skills or resources are running hot or have spare capacity.

Combine agile and non agile work in the same road map

Not all teams use agile, so you can plan your work in Kelloo using agile or non agile techniques. Meaning you get a road map that encompasses all the work you do.

Sprint roadmap

Capacity planning to solve resource constraints

All organizations are resource constrained, so use capacity planning to model how changes to resource levels can help you get more work done. As you adjust resource capacity you can instantly see the impact on your resources and timelines.

Adjust resource capacity

Scenario planning lets you compare road map and sprint options

There are always different sequences of work, priorities and resource mixes that need to be evaluated to determine the best way forward. Use scenarios in Kelloo to keep versions of plans that can be compared and evaluated independently.

Manage scenarios

Agile portfolio management and scale agile

Organizations will always be asked to do more than they have resource capacity for – resource demand will always exceed supply. 

Use the portfolio prioritization features in Kelloo to organize your work by work priority and focus your resources on the work of most value to you.

With Kelloo you have the tools to help you scale agile across your whole organization.

Agile portfolio

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