Introducing the Kelloo report builder

Resource management reports

We are big believers in letting people analyze their data in a way that works for them. But we can’t predict every report or analysis Kelloo users will need.

So the May release of Kelloo introduces a powerful report builder which lets you build reports and slice and dice your data to produce rich analysis over your resource management data. This is a great addition to the product and lets you report on things like resource capacity, resource utilization and resource availability.

What does the report builder give you?

The world is your oyster – you now have complete freedom to analyze your data in a way that works for you. Rather than provide a range of pre-defined reports – you can now build your own reports over your Kelloo resource data.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Summarize data by time periods including week, quarter, month or year.
  • Filter your data so you can focus on what is important.
  • Define your own calculated fields.
  • Export to formats like Excel, PDF and HTML.
  • Save report definitions so you can re-run them again and again.
  • Add formatting – for example, make data turn red based on rules.
  • Share report definitions between users.

First look at the report builder

When you open the report builder, you can choose a data source. This controls what data you are reporting over.

Report control

User the report builder to configure your report how you want it – including filters, columns, rows, formatting and totals. You can save your report if you want to re-run it another time.

Report fields

Then run your report. Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or HTML.

Resource management report

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