Resource utilization reporting – how to track resource utilization


Tracking resource utilization and availability can be hard work.

We feel your pain.

As the number of resources, teams and projects grow it becomes a major problem for resource and project managers.

So we have just made your life a whole lot easier.

The new release of Kelloo introduces a new utilization report which gives you powerful resource utilization reporting without the headaches.

By quickly scanning the report, resource managers can easily check which resources are running hot, which skills are in demand and which resources have the capacity to take on more work.

Resource utilization is a measure of how much work a resource is allocated vs their capacity to do work. Failing to keep tabs on resource utilization leads to poorly performing teams and delayed projects.

Calculating resource utilization

The formula for calculating resource utilization is really simple. Just divide the allocated work by the capacity.

However, resource utilization reporting can be hard to do.

And why is that?

The data required to perform utilization reporting is in various spreadsheets and planning tools and pulling the data into a format for reporting can be very time-consuming.

Utilization reports often need to be summarized at different levels (such as resource, role and teams) and finally presented in a visually easy to understand format.

Is there a better way to work?

Yes, there is a better way to manage your resource utilization reporting.

Kelloo bases its utilization reporting on the high-level portfolio and resource planning data entered directly into Kelloo. Which means as well as easy to use utilization reporting you can use all the other features in Kelloo such as agile planning, roadmaps, portfolio planning and resource planning.

Utilization reporting in Kelloo

The utilization report in Kelloo lets you quickly zero in on resources and teams with utilization issues. Keeping tabs on resource utilization is key to ensuring your teams are productive and your projects stay on track.

Periods where resources are overutilized are shown in red and underutilized periods are shown in green. Each resource, team and role is displayed so you can quickly check resource utilization for your whole resource pool in one place.

util percent

Sometimes it helps to see days rather than percentages when reviewing resource utilization. Select the availability view option and the report changes to display how much free time each resource has in days.

util days

If you need to dig deeper into the data to understand which project allocations are causing the utilization issues, simply click on the cell to open the utilization analysis.

project stack

Utilization reporting in Excel templates

Are you still using Excel templates for resource utilization reporting? There is a better way. Kelloo is the only tool that includes capacity planning, resource forecasting, lightweight PPM and resource planning in an easy to use solution. Rather than spend hours planning resources and reporting utilization in Excel, do the same work in Kelloo in minutes.

Utilization reporting in Jira and other agile tools

Tools like Jira are great for managing lower-level agile work, but fail to provide the higher level bigger picture that organizations often need. This can include things like resource utilization reporting along with forecasting which resource skills they need to hire, how many projects they can take on with the resource they have and better aligning their project demand to the resource capacity available.

Kelloo bridges the gap between lower-level agile planning and high-level reporting, portfolio management and analysis needs of the organization. You can import work from your preferred agile tools into Kelloo to get you started quickly.

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