Announcing portfolio management: managing your resources and portfolio just got a whole lot easier

Portfolio management

Strengthening the portfolio planning capability in Kelloo was always a big priority on our road map. And the February update of Kelloo delivers this in spades.

There is no better way to analyze and make sense of your projects than to organize them into portfolios.

Portfolios are collections of projects with a common theme. If you want to do a deeper dive into setting up and using portfolios in Kelloo take a look at this article.

Create and manage portfolios

You can add and manage your portfolios from the new portfolio option in the planner.

select portfolio

Set portfolio criteria

Once you have added your portfolio, use the portfolio criteria to set which projects are included in the portfolio.

So criteria could be things like approval status, stage gates or even your strategic goals. You can define the criteria for your portfolios. Or you could create portfolios aligned to specific groupings of projects such as IT Projects or Marketing Projects.

set portfolio

Select portfolios in the planner

You can then use portfolios to filter and analyze your resource plan and dashboards.

filter by portfolio

Portfolios and finance tracking

To help you keep track of the financial performance of your portfolio, each portfolio can be assigned a budget.

Portfolio budget

The financial status of your projects within the portfolio can then be tracked and compared to the overall portfolio budget on the dashboards.

Kelloo dashboard

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