Managing your product backlog just got a whole lot easier


It only seemed like yesterday that our R&D team delivered a great update to Kelloo. And they have done it again – the latest update adds a product backlog into Kelloo.

Product backlog - the ultimate to do list

A product backlog is a place to store all the work requests and features your teams need to work on.

Items in the product backlog can be prioritized so you can focus on the things most important to you.

When you commit to working on something you can move it straight into the planner so you can figure out when the work can start and check you have enough resource capacity.

If you have to stop working on something, you can also return it to the backlog from the planner.

Product backlog

Backlog items can have resources and roles assigned to them so you can see the types of skills needed for the work. Estimates can be entered in days, points or FTE.

Update product backlog

When you are ready to get planning, just select send to plan and the backlog item will be added into your plan.

Send to plan

Then you can start using Kelloo to work out when the work can happen, schedule the work and keep tabs on team utilization.

Resource planner

Product backlogs are not just for agile

While product backlogs are closely associated with agile delivery, you can use the Kelloo backlog as a general parking area for work under consideration, new project requests and work pending approval.

Whereas traditionally folks would have stored product backlogs in a spreadsheet, you can now manage your product backlog, prioritization and resource planning all direct in Kelloo. So say goodbye to product backlog spreadsheets and say hello to Kelloo.

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