Resource and project views of the planner

Managing your resources and projects just got a whole lot easier with the April release of Kelloo. We are excited to announce that alongside the existing priority view of the planner, you now have two further ways to plan and manage your work – resource view and project view

Let us take a look at each in turn and see how they help you make your resource and project planning a breeze.

Resource view

Resource view provides a really easy way to check on the utilization and availability of your resources. Color coding helps you understand when resources are over allocated or have spare capacity.

Work assignments can be made to individuals, teams or skill sets. Whether you use traditional planning or agile – you now have one place to keep tabs on your team and resource utilization.

Resource view

A really cool feature is that as you reschedule work, you can see the impact on your resource utilization straight away.

Project view

Project view is a great way to understand how resource allocations impact your projects and agile sprints. Any overallocated resources and periods are indicated with a red bar meaning you can zero straight in on the projects impacted.

Project view

Priority view

At first glance, priority view looks similar to project view – but there is a big difference. 

A major challenge faced by organizations is understanding which projects they can execute and when. All too often organization are over optimistic about the amount of projects and work they can do.

Priority view helps you understand your resources overall capability to deliver on your projects. Using your strategic priorities, it highlights which projects you have sufficient resource to do and which projects are likely to have resource shortfalls.

Setting the relative priority of your work is a simple case of dragging work into the required priority sequence. Highest priority work at the top and lowest priority work at the bottom of the plan.

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