Announcing dashboards: Keeping tabs on your resources and portfolio just got a whole lot easier

Portfolio dashboards

The latest update to Kelloo makes it even easier to keep track of your resources, projects and portfolio.

With the introduction of dashboards into Kelloo you get complete visibility into your portfolio and project budgets, costs and resource status.

Dashboards mean you can act on real-time data and not guesses. You get a high-level overview of where things stand so you can ensure your teams and projects are moving in the right direction.

Here is how they work.

Portfolio summary

At the top of the dashboard is the portfolio summary which gives you high level status information about the health of your portfolio. Use this section to get an overview of your portfolio and how it is performing.

The portfolio summary includes important metrics such as:

  • Financial performance. Including cost to date and remaining spend.
  • Budget status. Lets you compare the overall portfolio budget vs. the project financials.
  • Target vs actual benefits. Lets you track target and actual benefits for your projects.
  • Resource capacity. Lets you understand how much resource capacity you have in your plan (in days or FTE).
Kelloo dashboard

Portfolio health summary

Use the portfolio health summary to identify projects in trouble. 

You can summarize projects by user defined criteria such as stage gate, approval status, organization area and project manager.

For each project, the overall status, cost status and benefit status are displayed using a health indicator. You can configure the triggers for how the health indicator colors are set.

Drill-down analysis lets you dive into the details.

Kelloo project status dashboard

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