Resource planning just got a whole lot easier

It has been a busy few months at Kelloo and we have some exciting new features to showcase. We have been focusing on making the planner even easier to use and here are some of the recent additions to Kelloo.

Drag bars to move

You can now grab work and drag it to re-schedule.

Move resource allocation

Zoom planner

Hit the zoom button to zoom the planner in or out.


Zoom resource plan

Enter work in hours or % capacity

Previously work had to be entered in days, now you can also enter work in hours. You can also just tell Kelloo how much of a resources available time they are to spend on the work by entering the % resource capacity. Kelloo will then do the math for you!

Enter work in hours of % capacity

Split work

Hit the split option to split work in two. You can then plan each part independently. You can merge split parts if you need to.

Split work

Copy segment

Hit the copy option to copy a segment.

Copy segment

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