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Project portfolio management

Project portfolio management involves selecting and planning the right projects for your organization to work on taking into account things like availability of resources and overall organizational priorities. 

Section Overview

In this section you will learn:

  • Creating and filtering using portfolios
  • Using the cut off line to exclude projects
  • How to set project priorities
  • Understanding your resource capacity
  • How the roadmap can help you share high level plans



Create and filter by portfolios

Edit a project then set the project details which can include data such as organization goal, risk level or status. 

project details

You can then create portfolios which are groupings of projects. You can manually set which projects are in a portfolio or include projects based on project detail filters. Portfolios can then be used to filter the planner, roadmap, reports etc.

portfolio filters



Cut off line

In priority view, drag projects and work below the cut off line. Any work below the cut off line is excluded from portfolio calculations. So this is a good way to model a backlog of projects seeking approval or holding work on a project.

Prioritize projects



Project prioritization

Use priority view to set the priority of your projects and work. To set the priority simply drag and drop work. Highest priority work is at the top of the planner. 

change priority

Over allocation warnings in priority view will show you which projects will likely run out of resource first.




Understand your organization's resource capacity

Use the demand vs capacity view and the heatmap view to understand if you have sufficient resource capacity for your projects.

utilization chart




The roadmap provides a high level visualization of your plan. It helps you communicate what is happening when and the key events behind your plan.

The roadmap is made up of data from your plan and milestones that you directly enter in the roadmap. Milestones can be used to indicate things like key events or phases – or whatever you want them to be!


Additional resources

You can import work into the planner and export the planner data.

Milestones can be used to highlight key events.

Use scenarios and capacity adjustments to model changes to schedules and resource levels.