Resource and work planning to keep your projects on track

With Kelloo you get realistic and achievable plans based on the capacity of your resources to deliver.


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Manage your team's workload

See what everyone is scheduled on and how utilized they are. 

Simply drag and drop to balance workloads between teams and people.

Get your projects and work on track

Kelloo makes it beautifully easy to plan and schedule all your work. 

As you make changes instantly see the impact on your team’s availability and utilization. 

Bird's eye view of your team's availability

Get a heatmap of your team’s availability and utilization. 

Instantly spot trends and identify gaps in your resourcing plans.

Make sure you have enough people

Capacity planning lets you look down the line and check you have enough people on board with the right skills.

Quickly model changes to project timings and headcount until you get a plan that works for everyone.

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Share your high level plans using a roadmap

Roadmaps are a great tool to lay out your high level strategy and plans for when everything is happening.

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