PDWare Resource First vs. Kelloo

Kelloo is the PDWare alternative you will love. It’s time to decide if PDWare is right for you?

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Some of the reasons customers choose Kelloo over PDWare

We make resource and capacity planning simple

Easily understand the capacity of your resources to deliver the projects you want to do. 

Capacity planning software

Resources are right at the heart of Kelloo

Ensure you get the right people onto the right projects at the right time. 

Resource Planning Software

Cut spend and get more with Kelloo

Pay for the resources you plan and not the users you have. Open and transparent pricing. All features, unlimited users and projects. We think that’s fair.

We do portfolio management without the complexity

Prioritize, select and plan your projects.

Approve projects

No expensive consulting

Most of our customers set up and learn how to use Kelloo without any help from us. But if you need some assistance, get in touch.

Kelloo does agile resource planning out of the box

Resource planning for both agile and non agile projects.

Agile Resource Planning

One tool to manage all your resources

Plan, schedule and allocate your resources and projects.

Utilization reporting

Import your resource and project data from other tools

Whether you’re switching up or using Kelloo along with your existing tools. Here are some of the places you can import your data from.

Import from Trello
Import from Jira
Pivotal Tracker Import
Import Monday.com
import from ms project
Import from Clarizen
Import From Sharepoint
pdware alternative
import from workfront
import from hydra
import from smartsheet
import from planview

Kelloo is the best PDWare competitor

Are you looking for a better way to manage your resource capacity planning and resource management? Looked at PDWare ResourceFirst but it does not work for you? Then why not take a look at Kelloo?

Kelloo is feature rich yet simple to use resource capacity planning, resource planning and portfolio resource management software. With Kelloo you can easily align your resources, teams, and projects with your project priorities and ensure your resources are working on the most valuable projects to you. Kelloo will give you visibility into which resources are running hot and which are not and help you match resource demand with resource supply.

Resource planning, portfolio resource management and capacity planning – in an easy to use cloud solution

Resource planning and capacity planning is a difficult problem to solve. But using Kelloo you can make sense of your resources, priorities and resource demands. 

Kelloo takes a priority driven approach to resource planning which means you just organize your portfolio by priority and Kelloo will tell you when projects can happen. 

Scenario planning lets you see how adjustments to headcount can help you deliver more projects. Rich reporting ensures you can keep tabs on your resources and their utilization.

Who else uses Kelloo?

We have customers in all types of industries and sectors. Typical users would be project managers, resource schedulers, team leaders, portfolio managers or the project management office (PMO) team.

PDWare ResourceFirstTM is a trademark of Portfolio Decisionware Inc.

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