Portfolio resource management

Allocate resources to projects based on organizational goals

Kelloo gives you a unique set of tools to manage your portfolio, projects and resources in one place. Kelloo helps portfolio planners, PMO’s and resource managers make the most of their resources.

Use our portfolio resource management software to focus resource on the right projects, gain visibility into what skills are in demand and spot resource problems early.

Portfolio resource management software

Align your resource planning with value

Project priorities drive schedules

Kelloo uses priority based resource allocation which means resources are allocated to the projects that provide maximum value first.

Set priority

Focus resources on the right projects

Kelloo is where portfolio management and resource planning mash together. Our value driven approach to resource planning means resources are focused on the right projects. 


Portfolio resource management for the real world

Minimal input, maximum output

Kelloo adopts a top down approach to portfolio resource planning which means you don’t need to enter detailed plans or tasks. Just tell Kelloo who or what type of skill is needed on each project, how much work has to be done and Kelloo will do the rest.

Work details

See the impact of resource and portfolio changes instantly

As you change work priorities, adjust project timings and update resource allocations – you will instantly see the impact on your resources, portfolio and projects. So forget using spreadsheets for portfolio resource planning – Kelloo makes it a breeze.

Plan updating utilization

Portfolio resource planning for any type of industry, project or team size

Agile – check. Waterfall – got that covered. Marketing projects – yup. Professional services – yes we have that covered also. You get the message. Kelloo doesn’t care what type of project you run, the size of your team or what you do to make your dollars.

Kelloo loves change

Explore solutions with scenario planning

Want to see if you can take on the new project the CIO wants to start up? Enter it into Kelloo with estimates, prioritize it in your portfolio and see how it impacts things.

Seek approval

Multi project resource management

No project exists in isolation – changes to schedules, priorities and resources will have a knock on impact elsewhere. Use scenario planning to understand the impact before you commit to changes.

Multi project resource planning