Align strategy to execution

Discover how PMO teams use Kelloo to collect, prioritize, and plan all their work. Ensure project success from capacity planning to execution.


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Capture, score and prioritize

Translate your strategy into customized scoring criteria and focus on the right work.

Check you have enough people

Use capacity planning to check you have enough people with the right skills before you approve new work.

Projects, sprints and milestones in one place

Multi project planning has never been easier. Check availability of resources and spot over allocations. 

Simply drag and drop to schedule work. As plans change instantly see the impact on your people and projects. 

Evaluate different portfolio options

Evaluate how competing resource and plan options stack up using scenarios. 

Simulate project delays, changing priorities and resource hiring to get answers to your questions.

A bird's eye view of your team's workload and availability

No more over allocations no more guessing. The heat map lets you see at a glance everyone’s workload, availability and utilization.

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Share your vision and hit your important goals

Match resources to strategic work to deliver better results. 

Align your strategy with execution for end-to-end success.

Create PMO reports

Kelloo includes a powerful and easy to use report builder so you can create and share reports and analysis.

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