Project portfolio management (PPM)

Get your projects, resources and portfolio in perfect alignment

Kelloo helps you control and streamline your project portfolio and deliver the right work at the right time with the right resources. Our portfolio management software takes a lean approach to PPM which means you get agility, ease of use and flexibility without the complexity of traditional PPM tools.

Agile, waterfall or hybrid, IT projects, new product development, innovation and more are all supported in Kelloo.

Portfolio resource management software

Prioritize, select and schedule your projects

Understand what projects you can do

Set your work priority and project timings and Kelloo will tell you which projects you have the resource capacity to deliver and where you have resource shortfalls.


Keep control of your project backlog

Use resource capacity planning to review and approve projects based on your teams capability to deliver.

Projects with capacity shortfall

Roadmaps - build a balanced portfolio

Use the roadmap to get a helicopter view of your portfolio and share important milestones and events with your teams. Get insight into how resources have been allocated to different themes and areas in the portfolio.

Agile Roadmap

Make decisions with confidence

Act on real-time data and not guesses. Get a high-level overview of where things stand so you know your teams and projects are moving in the right direction.

Project portfolio management dashboard

Compare different portfolio options

When things change use scenarios to evaluate and compare different portfolio options. Understand the impact on your resources and the other projects in the portfolio.

Scenario planning

Resource capacity planning

Use capacity planning to model the impact new hires or changes to resource levels will have on your resources and projects.

Adjust resource capacity

Resource forecasts, capacity and utilization

Forecast portfolio wide resource needs and see which resources are over utilized or have spare capacity.


Benefits of using Kelloo for project portfolio management (PPM)

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