Plan, manage, and organize any project or portfolio

Create plans taking into account your team’s availability and your strategic priorities. With Kelloo you get realistic plans you can deliver.

Project portfolio management

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All your projects and portfolios in one place

Get a bird’s eye view of all your work, projects and teams. 

Simply drag and drop to schedule, adjust workloads, timings and priorities.

Understand the capacity of your teams and people

Use your resources strategically by aligning resource allocations with priorities.

Capacity planning helps you decide if you can take on more work, startup a new project or when you need to hire.

Prioritize and select the right projects

Build custom ranking criteria and scorecards to help you prioritize and select the right projects.

Share your timescales and milestones with a roadmap

Use the roadmap to get a helicopter view of your portfolio and share important milestones and events with your teams. 

Get insight into how resources have been allocated to different themes and areas in the portfolio.

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Mission control for your portfolio

Get a bird’s eye view into the status of your organization’s initiatives with dashboards and analytics.

What if scenario planning

What if analysis lets you test out project and resource changes to see their impact before you commit to anything.

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