Real-time insight into your work and teams

With reports, charts, graphs and tables, Kelloo gives you insight into your resources, teams and plans like never before.

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Report and track from any angle

Kelloo was built from the ground up with reporting and analytics in mind. Reports can be customized, exported and shared. Or use the reporting API to integrate report data with your existing BI tools.


Customize reports

The Kelloo report builder allows you to choose which data fields to include and how to summarize reports. You can also include filters to select the data you want to report over.

Report fields

Take your data with you

Export data to CSV / XLS, HTML or PDF. Kelloo also includes a reporting API allowing you to share Kelloo data with your BI tools.

Export reports

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Save custom report views

Customize a report then save as a custom view so you can run it again and again. Share custom reports with your team so everyone is on the same page.

save report

Connect your existing reporting tools

Connect up your existing BI and reporting solutions to Kelloo using the Reporting API to create and share custom reports.


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