Resource allocation software

Resource allocation software without the pain

Get the right people onto the right projects at the right time with Kelloo resource allocation software.

Resource Allocation Software

Manage and allocate resources across multiple projects

See who is working on what, which resources are over utilized and which resources have spare capacity. Evaluate competing resource allocation options using scenarios.

Balance, manage and allocate your resources across multiple projects

The timeline shows you who is working on what and when. Projects with resource allocation issues are highlighted meaning you can zero in on the projects with allocation issues.


Spot resource utilization issues

Resource utilization problems are shown on the resource heat map. Review your resource status by percentage utilization, capacity and availability. As you make adjustments to the timeline, resource utilization is instantly updated.


Compare different resource allocation options

When performing resource allocation, there are often competing schedules and project selection options. Use scenarios to compare the different resource allocation options and choose the optimum resource allocations for your portfolio.

Scenario selector

Use capacity planning to resolve resource allocation problems

Knowing you have resource allocation problems is only one side of the resource allocation puzzle. Use capacity planning to see what impact adjusting resource levels will have on your resource allocations. Model how hiring additional resources can compress your project schedules.

Adjust resource capacity

Get resources onto the right projects

Browse the resource pool to find the best resource for the project. Preview the impact making the resource allocation will have on other projects.

Preview allocation

Benefits of using Kelloo for resource allocation

Kelloo is easy to use resource allocation software. Here are some of the ways you will benefit from using Kelloo to manage your resource allocation process.