Resource capacity planning

Capacity planning for your teams, projects and portfolio. Balance the resource demands of your projects against the supply of your resources and model how headcount changes can solve resource issues.

Kelloo supports capacity planning for agile and non agile teams and projects.

Resource capacity planning

Forget spreadsheets, this is the easy way to do capacity planning

See demand, know your capacity

Resource demand and capacity reporting shows you the capability gaps between the projects you can do and the projects you can’t do.

Resource capacity planning software

Model how changes to resource levels impact your plan

Do you want to see if hiring another five engineers will help deliver on your projects? See the effect on your plan of increasing or reducing resource levels.

Capacity adjustments

Easily adjust your plans to align with resource supply

A few clicks goes a long way in Kelloo. Want to re-prioritize your projects – just drag and drop work to set new priorities. Want to change when a project is scheduled for – just drag the project in the planner to a new date.

Include approved and pipeline projects to get a complete view of how things shape up and what you can realistically achieve.

Capacity planning software

Capacity planning helps you better plan the future

Don’t get caught short of resources

Spot bumps in the road early by forecasting resource needs against future project demand. Scenario plan adjustments to resource supply to resolve capacity constraints. 

Adjust resource capacity

Handle change with scenario planning

Compare how different priorities and schedules can help you optimize your portfolio. You can create unlimited plan versions for comparison. With scenario planning you can test out changes without impacting your live plan.

Manage scenarios

A better way to manage your projects and resources.

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