Resource demand management software

Resource demand management simplified

Align your resource demand with your resource supply and ensure you have sufficient resources for the projects you want to run.

Resource demand planning software

Balance resource demand and supply

Still using spreadsheets for resource demand management? With Kelloo you can manage all your project demand in one place, allocate resources to projects and spot resource capacity issues early.

All project demand in one place

Capture all of your project demand in Kelloo and get a clear picture of what projects you can do with the resource supply you have available.


Understand the impact of new projects

As new projects are requested or existing schedules change, quickly understand the impact on your existing projects and resources. The resource heat map shows you the status of roles and individual resources.


Set priorities to align resource demand with organizational goals

All organizations are resource constrained so set priorities to ensure that resource supply is allocated to the highest priority work.
Set priority

Use scenarios to compare the resourcing implications of different potential projects

Store unlimited scenarios to help you compare and evaluate different project and resourcing options.

Scenario selector

Use what if modelling to see how resource capacity changes can re-balance the workload     

Use what if scenario modelling to see what impact changing resource levels will have on your projects. What if modelling lets you see the impact of resource changes without effecting your live plan.

Adjust resource capacity

Benefits of using Kelloo for resource demand management

Here are some of the ways you will benefit from using Kelloo to manage your resource demand management process.