Resource demand management

Still using spreadsheets for resource demand management? 

With Kelloo you can manage all your project demand in one place, allocate resources to projects and spot resource capacity issues early.


Resource Demand Management

All project demand in one place

Capture all of your project demand in Kelloo and get a clear picture of what projects you can do with the resource supply you have available.

Resource demand management software

Understand the impact of new projects

As new projects are requested or schedules change, quickly understand the impact on your projects and resources. 

Utilization Reporting

Align resource demand with organizational goals

All organizations are resource constrained so set priorities to ensure that resource supply is allocated to the highest priority work.

Prioritize project portfolio

Scenario analysis

Use scenarios to compare the resourcing implications of different project selections.

Adjust resource capacity

More resource demand management software features to explore

Use filters to focus on what is important.

Zero in on resources and projects in trouble.

Rich utilization reporting and analysis.

Export your data for analysis.

Import your data from other tools.

Keep track of your projects, resources and costs.

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