Resource demand planning

Align your resource demand with your resource supply, allocate resources to your projects and manage resource utilization conflicts.

Forget using Excel and spreadsheets for resource demand planning – there is a better way.

Resource Demand Planning

Model project demand vs. resource capability

Check your capability to deliver projects and programs given the resource supply you have. Kelloo will show you which projects have resource short falls allowing you to make kill or hold decisions on projects.

Resource planning software

Compare resource demand against supply and capacity

Compare your resource demand by role and resource against your overall capacity to deliver.

Resource availability

Manage approved and pipeline projects

Handle resource demand planning across your entire portfolio of projects. Having approved and pipeline projects in the same place means you can easily evaluate the impact of new projects and changes.

Prioritize projects

Priority driven demand planning

Unlike other demand planning tools, Kelloo uses the priority of your projects and work to help you optimize your plans. Resource supply is allocated to higher priority demand items first.

Prioritize project portfolio

Use capacity planning to balance demand and supply

Sometimes the only way to resolve demand and supply conflicts is to recruit more resources. Use the capacity planning option in Kelloo to work out what changes you need to make to your resource pool to resolve your demand planning issues.

Adjust resource capacity

Scenarios help you compare different demand planning options

Store unlimited scenarios to help you compare and evaluate competing project and resourcing options.

Manage scenarios

More resource demand planning software features to explore

Manage approved and pending projects.

Zero in on resources and projects in trouble.

Keep tabs on utilization by month and week.

Export your data for analysis.

Import your resource pool and teams.

Forecast role and resource needs.

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