Resource forecasting

Resource forecasting helps you spot bumps in the road early.

Build accurate resource forecasts for your project portfolio. Include approved and pipeline projects to get clarity over all your resource needs.

Resource forecasting

Resource forecasts

Predict the future and get an accurate picture of your resource requirements.

Resource availability

Spot projects with resource issues

Easily spot which projects you have the resource to do and those which need additional resource.

Resource Planning Software

Model resource capacity changes

Adjust resource levels and see how it impacts your projects.

Capacity planning is an integral part of the resource forecasting process and lets you work out what changes you need to make to your resource pool to balance your forecast.

Adjust resource capacity

Plan future workloads

Visibility into your project pipeline allows you to forecast your people needs accurately.

Resource utilization

More resource forecasting software features to explore

Use filters to focus on what is important.

Zero in on resources and projects in trouble.

Keep tabs on utilization by month and week.

Export your data for analysis.

Import your data from other tools.

No more spreadsheets for resource forecasting.

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