Resource forecasting software

Resource forecasting helps you spot bumps in the road early

Build accurate resource forecasts for your project portfolio. Include approved and pipeline projects to get clarity over all your resource needs.

Resource forecasting software

Forget spreadsheets for resource forecasting

Still using Excel and spreadsheets for resource forecasting? Our resource forecasting software is the easiest way to build resource forecasts for your teams and resources. Kelloo supports both agile and non-agile planning.

Resource plans and long term resource forecasts on one page

Combine short term resource plans and long range resource forecasts to get an accurate picture of your resource requirements.


Understand which projects have resource issues

Enter your predicted workload for projects and Kelloo will validate this against your current resource supply. Easily spot which projects you have the resource to do and those which need additional resource.


Model resource capacity changes

Dynamically adjust resource levels and see instantly how it impacts your resource forecasts. Capacity planning is an integral part of the resource forecasting process and lets you work out what changes you need to make to your resource pool to balance your forecast.

Adjust resource capacity

Priority driven resource forecasts

All organizations are resource constrained meaning decisions need to be made about how resources are deployed. Kelloo allows you to prioritize your projects so higher priority work is allocated first. Meaning your resource forecasts are aligned with your organizational goals.

Set priority

Benefits of using Kelloo for resource forecasting

Kelloo is easy to use resource forecasting software. Here are some of the ways you will benefit from using Kelloo to manage your project resource forecasting process.