Resource management

Simple, powerful resource management software

Resource management software for your teams, projects and portfolio.

Resource Management software

Resource management for agile and non agile teams

Plan and schedule your projects. Allocate and forecast your resources. Track utilization and resource capacity.

Resources, priorities and projects in perfect alignment

Set your priorities and Kelloo will allocate your resources to the most important projects first.

Set priority

The right people on the right projects

Check the impact on your projects and resources before you commit resources.

Preview allocation

Utilization heatmap

Get visibility into the utilization of your teams and resources and spot resource constraints.


Stay on top of resource demand and forecasting

All your current projects and project pipeline in one place gives you resource demand forecasts you can trust.

Agile resource plan

Capacity planning and scenarios

Capacity planning lets you model changes to your resource pool to solve resource issues and constraints. 

Use Scenario modelling to compare alternative resource allocation options.

Resource capacity planning software

Agile, waterfall - any type of project

Kelloo works the way you work. 

Kelloo is resource management software for any type of project and size or type of organization.

Resource planning software

A better way to run your resource management.

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