Plan your people and teams

Plan your resources and keep tabs on capacity, workload and utilization.

View all your projects and resource availability in one place to make better resource planning decisions.

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Quickly plan resources and teams

The resource planner makes it a breeze to schedule and allocate your teams and resources. View availability, utilization and hot spots across your resource pool.

The power to move, extend, shorten and re-assign work is at your fingertips.


Say goodbye to resource clashes and over utilization

Monitor resource utilization on the heatmap and spot problems early. Balance your workload across projects, teams and resources.


Find the right person fast

Browse the resource pool and find the best candidate for the job. Filter your people by role, skill, team or any custom data you create.

resource tags and filters

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All your projects, sprints and work in one place

With everything in one place, you get a bird’s eye view of all your work. 

Multi project scheduling becomes a breeze – so you can quickly spot and deal with resource clashes and over allocations.


Flexible planning and scheduling

Plan in a way that works for you. High level project planning, detailed work planning or agile sprint planning – we have it covered.

Plan in hours, days, points or FTE. Assign people, teams or roles.

Create sprint

Forecast future workload and capacity

Keep tabs on the resource and skill requirements of your organization. Understand the impact new projects and work will have on your timelines, teams and people.

resource capacity plan

Create resource planning reports

Kelloo includes a powerful and easy to use report builder so you can create and share reports and analysis.

Resource management reporting

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