Resource planning

Plan your resources and report on capacity and utilization. 

View all your projects and resource availability in one place to make better resource planning decisions.

Resource Planning Software

Plan your resources and teams

The resource planner makes it a breeze to schedule and allocate your teams and resources. View current allocations, availability, utilization and hot spots across your resource pool.

resource view

Allocation heatmap

Monitor resource utilization on the heatmap and spot problems early.

Utilization Reporting

All your work in one place

Spot conflicts between projects and resources by having all your work in one place.

Resource planning software

Resource forecasting

Build resources forecasts to ensure you have enough people to get your projects done. 

resource capacity plan

Find the right person fast

Browse the resource pool and find the best candidate for the job. 

Preview allocation

Calendars and absences

Track personal time off, absences and public holidays.

non work cals

Zero in on at risk projects

Spot which projects are at risk of running short of resource.


Model resource and schedule changes

Use scenario planning to test how changes to resource levels, priorities and schedules will impact your projects and resources.

Manage scenarios

Create resource planning reports

Kelloo includes a powerful and easy to use report builder so you can create and share reports and analysis.

Resource management reporting

More resource planning software features to explore

Filter by role, resource and portfolio.

Plan both agile and non-agile work.

Keep tabs on utilization by month and week.

Export your data for analysis.

Import your work from your other tools.

Customize the planner fields displayed.

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