Resource planning

Your projects, resources and plans in one place

Designed for organizations who need agility, visibility and certainty when resource planning and scheduling their teams. Whatever type or size of projects you run, Kelloo resource planning software will help you make the most of your resources.

Kelloo solves the challenge of resource planning teams and resources across both agile and non-agile projects.

Resource planning software

Plan your resources and teams with clarity

Timeline shows where your projects stand

Kelloo shows you what projects you can do when. When you make a change to your plan you instantly see the impact on your projects, resources and portfolio.


Zero in on the projects with resource bottlenecks

As you plan, Kelloo evaluates which projects you have capacity to do and which have resource shortfalls. Once resource issues are identified, use capacity planning to evaluate options.


Get to know your resources

Spot resource utilization issues

The resource heat map shows resources who need attention. Review your resources by utilization, capacity and availability. 

Manage over utilization and over allocation

Search for resources with similar skill sets when re-assigning work.


Find and allocate the right person for the job

Match the best resources to the project

Full time, part time, contractors or third party resources – record them all in the Kelloo resource pool. Browse the resource pool to find the best candidate for the job. Preview lets you test the impact of resource changes before you make them.

Preview allocation

Role and resource based planning

Sometimes you don’t know who will be doing the work, just the type of skill needed. So you can assign either resources or roles to work.

Assign resources or roles

Plan in days, story points or FTE

Enter your work estimates in days, agile story points or FTE and Kelloo will work out if you have enough resources with the correct skills to take on the work.

plan in days points or fte

Understand the impact of changes on your plans

Model resource, project and schedule changes

Use scenario planning to test how changes to resource levels, priorities and schedules will impact your existing projects and resources.

Understand the impact of new work

Include pipeline projects in your plan and understand the impact on existing commitments.

Scenario selector

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