Resource management health check

Ultimate Guide to Resource Management – Chapter 3

Do your projects often run late? Do you struggle to accurately forecast the resource needs for your organization? Or find it hard to decide if you have sufficient resource to start up new projects. These are all symptoms of poor resource management.

Take our resource management health check to see how your resource management process stacks up and visit our resource management best practice chapter for some tips on improving your resource management.

Sharing resources across multiple projects

Do you have a way to balance resources across multiple projects and ensure they are not over allocated?

In an ideal world resources would work on one project at a time. However the reality is resources are often shared across projects and managing resources in a multi project environment is incredibly difficult without appropriate tools.

Planning both projects and business as usual activities

Are your resources expected to work on projects and business as usual activities? If so, how do you manage how their time is split across these different streams?

Resources don’t just work on projects. Some studies estimate some resources can spend as much as 60% of their time on non-project work. 

Forecast resource and skill requirements

Do you have a clear picture of the resource needs of your organization 3 to 6 months out?

It can take months to get resources on board. A rolling process for gathering, reviewing and prioritizing projects is essential so you can keep track of future resource hiring needs.

Allocate resources based on organizational priority

Does your resource management process take account of organizational priorities? 

If you are customer facing organization these are normally quite easy to understand. But for internal projects you need a way to prioritize your projects so resource allocation is aligned with what is valuable to your organization.

Successful organizations are not the ones who deliver the most projects, they are the organizations who deliver the right projects. Too often there is a huge disconnect between your organizations strategic priorities and the projects that resources get allocated to.

Evaluate competing schedule and resource options

Are you able to understand and test the effect of changes to your resource pool and project schedules with any certainly?


Modelling the effect of changes to resources and projects is an important component of resource management. Optimizing your portfolio requires evaluating different project and resource options. This can involve modelling adjustments to resource levels, schedules and the priority of work.

Information at your fingertips

A new project needs starting up or an existing project needs more resource. Where do you go to get the data to make an informed decision? Spreadsheets that are likely weeks out of date?

Spreadsheets are often the initial go to tool for building a resource management solution. However they do not scale and require a lot of manual input to achieve what a dedicated resource management tool can do with a couple of clicks.