How organizations use Kelloo

The different ways organizations use Kelloo to optimize their resources, teams and projects.

Used for

Resource planning

Simple to use resource planning for any type of project. More..

Resource capacity planning

Powerful yet easy to use resource capacity planning software. More..

Resource management

Simple, powerful resource management software.  More..

Resource allocation

Manage your resource allocation process across your projects and portfolio. More..

Resource demand management

Align your resource demand with your resource supply and optimize allocation of resources. More..

Resource scheduling

Schedule your resources and teams across multiple projects. More..

Resource demand planning

Balance your project resource demands with your resource capabilities and supply.  More..

Resource forecasting

Develop both short term and long term resource forecasts for your projects.  More..

Agile resource planning

Scale your agile process with agile resource planning software.  More..

Portfolio resource management

Align your projects with priorities and resource capacity .  More..