Plan for all possibilities

Changes to projects, initiatives and priorities will happen.

Use what if scenario planning to model changes to work timings and resource levels and see the impact in real time.

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Tentative and unapproved work

Include tentative, pipeline and unapproved work in your plans to see the impact on your resource capacity and ability to deliver.

What if planning

What if planning lets us model alternate mixes of projects, work timings and resource levels until we get something that works.

Model hiring more people and headcount changes

Adjust resource and team levels on the fly to understand how hiring can resolve resource constraints.

Changes are in a sandbox and don’t affect your live plans.

what if - adjust resource capacity

What if planning lets us answer questions such as can we approve a new initiative, do we need more people and if so with what skills? Or will delaying or putting work on hold solve resource pinch points?

Model delays and alternate project timings

Want to see if you can do a project quicker? Simply compress the project and check the impact on your resources. 

Or if things look like they are going to be delayed, extend the project timeline and all its work in a couple of clicks.

resize project

Evaluate options using scenarios

Create unlimited scenarios so you can compare different plan and resource options.

Manage scenarios

Visualizations and analytics

Slice and dice by project, initiative, portfolio or custom filters. 

Zero in on specific teams or roles and check what skills you are short of.

resource capacity plan

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