Visibility into your team's workload

No more second guessing – make sure your teams aren’t over allocated or underworked.

With Kelloo you’ll know exactly who’s free to work on projects and when.

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A complete picture of everyone’s workload

Quickly check utilization and availability across all your teams and initiatives. 

Spot over allocations, hot spots and teams in trouble.


All your teams, people and work in one place

Drag and drop to quickly reassign, schedule and plan your work. 

As you change schedules, availability updates on the fly.


Get a bird's eye view of workload and capacity

Balance the capacity of your teams to the demands being made on them. 

Know if you can take on more work, need to hire more people or reorganize priorities.


Categorize and organize your resources

Keeping on top of your resource pool is simple. Organize people into teams, allocate skills and set working times. To get started quickly, you can import your resources into Kelloo.

Kelloo resources pool

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Create utilization and availability reports

Kelloo includes a powerful and easy to use report builder so you can create and share reports and analysis.

Resource management reporting

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