Simple steps to solve a complex problem

Kelloo is more than just a resource management tool. Organizations that use Kelloo make better decisions about resource allocation, improve resource forecasting and focus their resources on the projects that matter.

Here is how Kelloo works

The resource plan is a bird’s eye view of who is working on what when. It helps you understand what projects you can deliver with the resources available and what changes you can make to get more done.

#1 Prioritize your projects

All your projects in one place

Start by organizing your projects in priority order. Kelloo will then compare the availability of resources to the resource needs of your projects. The resource plan will show you which projects you can do and which you can’t do due to resource constraints or shortages.

Set priority

#2 Fine tune your schedule

Get the right people on the right projects at the right time

Adjust work priorities and fine tune schedules to maximize the use of your resources. As you adjust your plans, you see the impact on your resources and portfolio straight away.
  • See results of portfolio adjustments instantly.
  • Visual timeline shows you what is happening when.
  • Heat map shows you roles and resources in trouble.
Change priority

#3 Review utilization

Understand resource pinch points

Keep tabs on resource utilization and resolve resource allocation problems. Look into the future and understand when you need to bring more people onto your team to deliver your projects.


#4 Kelloo loves change

Capacity planning helps you understand the impact of changes

Things not stacking up how you want them? Use capacity planning and scenario planning to figure out what will happen if you increase resource levels, re-allocate work or move projects around.

Capacity planning adjustments

#5 See the big picture

Projects, resources and priorities in perfect alignment

You can’t do everything so ensure your resources are working on the most valuable projects for your organization. Explore and compare different portfolio options until you find the one that works for you.

Resource planning scenario

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