Plan and manage your projects and resources

All your resources and projects in one place.
Plan and forecast capacity, availability and utilization.

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Resource, project and portfolio management is complex. We get that. There are many moving parts. And getting them working together is tricky.

Here is the thing. Can you answer questions like these?

Imagine always knowing who is doing what and when. Having the ability to spot problems and bottlenecks early. Being able to make decisions about when you can do your projects and the resources you need.

All your projects and resources in one place

Kelloo gives you a big picture view of your teams, resources and projects. You get up to date information on workloads, availability and utilization so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Resource planning software

Plan your future resource needs

Check you have the right mix of skills to deliver your projects and understand when you need to hire more people.

Resource management utilization

Spot resource utilization issues and bottlenecks

Spot bottlenecks and resource constraints before they happen and test out solutions.

Allocations and utilization

Build resource forecasts

Analyze and forecast the resources you need so you can spot bumps in the road early.

resource capacity plan

Roadmaps help share your vision

Get everyone on the same page with easy to build roadmaps. Roadmaps aid communication, decision making and prioritization. Add milestones to your roadmap to show key events.

Agile Roadmap

Project intake, scoring and prioritization

Capture all your projects, initiatives and ideas in one place then score, rank and prioritize.

project scorecard

What if analysis and simulations

Model changes to projects and resources and see the impact in real time.

what if planning - extend or compress a project

Reports, analytics and dashboards

Kelloo’s reports will do all the heavy lifting for you from day one. Easily customizable so you have the analysis you need.

Resource management reporting

Evaluate different scenarios

Resource management means trade-offs. So use scenarios to evaluate the impact of different resource and project options.

select a scenario

Kelloo has all the tools you need


Manage and track your resources and skills.


Drag and drop scheduling and planning.


Report on utilization, capacity and availability.


Share and communicate your vision.


Build and share analytics and reports.


Prioritize and select the right projects.


Track resource and project costs and budgets.


Compare different project and resource options.

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