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Visual and easy to use, Kelloo helps teams bring products to life and keeps them moving forward. 

From roadmapping, resource management to work planning, Kelloo has all the tools you need.


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Align everyone with roadmaps

Keep your product teams and stakeholders aligned using visual roadmaps that connect work and strategic goals.

Simplify sprint and release planning

Plan your sprints and releases while keeping a check on team capacity and launch dates.

Sprint and release planning

Create plans based on reality

Create plans based on your team’s actual availability. 

With everything in one place, it’s easy to see the impact of changes.

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Bird's eye view of your teams and people

Know who is overloaded and which teams are free. Simply drag and drop to balance workloads.

Optimize resource and team allocations

Make sure team members aren’t overwhelmed or underworked and initiatives are properly staffed. 

Get a complete picture of everyone’s capacity at a glance.

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Connect your favorite apps to Kelloo

Connect Kelloo with the apps and software you already use to have all your team’s work in one place.

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