Streamline your resource management

With workload and availability at your fingertips, you’ll know exactly who’s free or which teams are overwhelmed. 

Resource management and capacity planning just got a whole lot easier.

Resource Management

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All your teams and workload in one place

Check availability of resources and spot over allocations. Simply drag and drop to balance your workload.

Find the best person for the job

Need a developer with CSS and HTML skills? 

Use custom data to categorize resources any way you like.

resource tags and filters

Bird's eye view of your workload

Check which teams are running hot, who has too much work or who is free. 

The heatmap lets you see at a glance everyone’s availability and utilization.

Take your resource management to a new level. Sign up to a free trial.

Say goodbye to resource clashes

Check availability in real time before you assign someone.

check availability

Stay on top of resource capacity and forecasting

Get a high level overview of your resource capacity. See when you need to hire and if you can take on more projects or work.

All your current projects and upcoming work in one place gives you resource forecasts you can trust.

Manage your resource pool

Manage the supply of your teams and resources centrally. 

Manage vacation time, public holidays and customize each person’s working patterns.

Kelloo resource pool

Create resource management reports

Kelloo includes a powerful and easy to use report builder so you can create and share reports and analysis.

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