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Resource planning

Organize your work by priority

Organize and prioritize all your projects, programmes and work in one place.

Drag and drop project prioritization

Set project priorities to control resource allocation.

Visual resource planner

See clearly who is doing what and when on the resource plan timeline.

Resource or role based planning

Assign named resources or generic roles to work.

Easy to re-assign work

Browse for resource candidates and review availability when assigning work.

Resource heat map shows utilization

Color coded resource heat map shows which resources are over utilized and which are under allocated.

Resource capacity planning​

Resource capacity planning

Build resource forecasts

Forecast the demand on your resources and understand skills gaps.

Model resource capacity changes

See how your schedules will look if you increase or decrease headcount.

Compare demand vs capacity

Compare the demands on your resources to the capacity of your resources.

Scenario planning

Use scenario planning to understand how changes to resources and projects will impact things.

Portfolio resource management​

Portfolio resource management

Priority based resource allocations

Resources are allocated to the highest value projects first.

Manage pipeline and approved projects

Build a portfolio plan of approved and pipeline projects so you get complete visibility of resource status.

Check capability before you approve new projects

Check if you have the resource capacity to take on new work before you approve it.

Top down resource management

Align resources with highest value work first.

Resource pool ​

Resource pool

Centralized resource pool 

Create an inventory of your resources and skills.

Resource working patterns

Manage time off and working time exceptions.

Utilization reporting

Use the heat-map to report utilization at resource and role level.

Easy resource set up

Set up your resources with the minimum of data to get started quickly.

Resource planning software support

Everything else

Help desk and support

Help desk and knowledge base means you have answers at your fingertips.

Backups and infrastructure

We run Kelloo on Azure which is the Microsoft cloud platform which means your data is backed up and safe.

Free training

Free training videos help you get started with Kelloo.

Feature rich does not mean hard to use

While packed with features, Kelloo is quick to learn, easy to use and simple to master. Our easy to follow training videos, online knowledge base and superb support help you hit the ground running