Resource scheduling

Resource scheduling for your teams, resources and projects. Deliver more projects with better resource scheduling. 

Resource scheduling

Simple resource scheduling

Organize your work by priority and Kelloo will show you clearly which work you can achieve given the resources you have.

Resource utilization

Manage utilization and resource conflicts

As you change the schedule in Kelloo, the resource utilization heat map instantly shows you which resources and roles need attention.

Utilization Reporting

Assign resources, teams or roles to work

When assigning work in Kelloo you can assign individual resources, a whole team or even a role as a placeholder if you are not yet sure which resources will be doing the work.

Work entry

Get the right resources onto the right projects

Re-assigning work is straightforward in Kelloo. Browse the resource pool and review resource options by availability and type of resource. Then preview potential candidates to see if they can fit the work in without over allocations.

Preview allocation

Forecast future resource needs

Effective resource scheduling requires you to look into the future and not just focus on the here and now. Kelloo has a unique feature that lets you look at longer term work forecasts and model resource level changes to see how many people you need to recruit.

Manage scenarios

More resource scheduling software features to explore

Use filters to focus on what is important.

Zero in on resources and projects in trouble.

Keep tabs on utilization across your teams.

Export your data for analysis.

Import your data projects and resources.

Keep track of your people and projects.

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