More tips and tricks

Once you get under the hood, there is a lot in Kelloo. Here are some other things you may want to take a look at.


Kelloo includes an easy to use report builder. Use the report builder to create and generate reports over your Kelloo data. Kelloo ships with default report layouts that you can copy and personalize.

Select reports in the Kelloo main menu to start building reports.

Utilization heatmap and charts

The utilization heatmap and utilization charts are great ways to keep tabs on your overall resource capacity.

Select utilization in the Kelloo main menu to open the utilization reports.



The roadmap provides a high level visualization of your plan. It helps you communicate what is happening when and the key events behind your plan.

The roadmap is made up of data from your plan and milestones that you directly enter in the roadmap. Milestones can be used to indicate things like key events or phases – or whatever you want them to be!

Select roadmap in the Kelloo main menu to open the roadmap.